In an Emergency
In Case of discovering a fire:-
  • Do not attempt to tackle a fire yourself.
  • Ensure other residents are alerted.
  • Exit the property by the closest available exit
  • If the location of the fire allows use the telephone in the porch to dial 999
  • Ask for the Fire brigade
  • The operator will as you for your name and address.
    • Your address is:-
      Nye Swarthoull Self Catering
      ZE2 9RH
  • You will be asked for your telephone number, this is:-
    • 01806 503 746
  • If it is not possible to use the telephone in the porch guests should call at either of the houses at the top of the hill behind the cottage. The proprietors house is the white painted property.
  • Gather all guests on the other side of the road from the cottage and make sure everyone is present.