The Rayburn provides both a hob and oven, the temperature of the oven is somewhat erratic and is influenced mainly by the wind strength and direction. If you find that the oven temperature is either far to high or far to low adjustments can be made to the oil feed. Just contact either James or Carol either at the house or on the telephone numbers provided.


The microwave is rated at 750 watts and has a number of settings. As will most microwave ovens please avoid putting anything metal in the oven and avoid sealed items such as eggs.

Gas Hob

The Gas Hob is fueled by a Callor Gas (LPG) bottle. We make every effort to ensure there will be enough gas in the bottle for the duration of your stay, but in the unlikely event that the gas does run out please contact us either directly or by phone.


We aim to provide all the cookware you might need. Pans and oven trays are stored in the large kitchen draw, microwave proof dishes are stored with the crockery in the left end kitchen cupboard. As always, if you find there is something you need which is not provided please let us know.

Shetland Food

In the leaflets section of this guide you will find the Shetland Tourist Board leaflet on Shetland food. But here is a little bit of extra information.
Local fish may be purchased in either of the supermarkets or at either of the fishmongers. A van selling fish tours the area on Tuesdays, arrival is normally announced by a loud toot of the horn.
Shetland lamb is occasionally stocked by the supermarkets but to be sure of getting the real thing it is best to visit one of the butchers in Lerwick.


Nye Swarthoull is equipped with a fully fitted kitchen with ample storage for your foodstuff. In addition to the usual range of cupboards a fridge and freezer is also provided.

Fridge Freezer

A large new fridge/freezer is provided for your convenience.

Crockery / Cutlery

A full matching set of Crockery and Cutlery is provided.

Dishwasher & Washing Machine

We supply a range of liquids and powders for use in the dishwasher and washing machine. In addition to the tumble dryer there is a clothes line in the garden for you to use.


A TV set is provided receiving the four main analogue terrestrial channels transmitted from Collafirth Hill. BBC1, BBC2, ITV, and Channel 4 are available.

Video recorder

A video recorder is provided, tapes may be loaned from the proprietors or hired in Lerwick.


A Tape recorder with FM/AM radio is provided, The main BBC radio channels can be received, on the FM BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, and BBC4 is available along with SIBC (Shetland Island Broadcasting Company 96.2) and Radio Scotland on 92.7.
Radio Shetland is transmitted on the Radio Scotland Frequency at 5:30pm every week day evening.


We supply a range of books including Shetland and wildlife guides as well as a range of fiction. Please feel free to use the books which are located on the shelves in the porch.


Nye Swarthoull has three bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4 adults and 2 Children or 5 adults. Bedrooms (as with the rest of the house) are all cleaned prior to your arrival and the beds made up with fresh linen.


New bed Linen will be on your beds when you arrive but if you wish to change your bed Linen after a few nights you will find spare Linen in the airing cupboard located in the kitchen.


As with the bed Linen, each bed will be provided with clean towels prior to your arrival but more may be found in the airing cupboard.

Dirty Linen

If you decide to change your Linen mid week or if you have used extra towels we would be grateful if you would place the used items in the linen bin located in the porch. This will allow us to launder the items prior to the next guests arrival.

Room 1

Room 1 is equipped with a double bed and can additionally be fitted with a cot.

Room 2

Room 2 is equipped with a set of bunk beds and is ideal for two children.

Room 3

Room 3 is equipped with two single beds but can accommodate two sets of bunk beds if requested in advance.


The bathroom is designed in a modern white style. The bathroom furniture consists of WC, Wash Hand Basin, Bath and Electric Shower in a separate shower unit.

Shower Instructions

A pull switch located on the bathroom roof activates the shower which has three main power settings. The dial on the front of the shower controls the flow of water through the shower, this also controls the temperature of the water, the more flow the cooler the water will be.

Central Heating

Nye Swarthoull is fully centrally by a modern oil fired boiler. Operating times of the boiler are preset but can be adjusted if required. Guests can control the overall temperature in the house by use of the room thermostat in the lounge and the individual thermostatic valves fitted to all radiators.

Solid Fuel Fire.

The lounge is equipped with a solid fuel room heater, guests may make use of this facility if required.


The Rayburn cooking range in the kitchen is always hot.


If you need to empty your kitchen bin please just put the black bag outside the front door in the morning and we will put it away until Monday morning when the rubbish is collected by the council.