Before Setting Out
When you arrive on Shetland if you telephone us and let us know when you expect to arrive we will ensure we are at the accommodation to meet you and let you in..

From Sumbrough Airport 55min minimum
  1. Turn right at the end of the airport road.
  2. Follow the main road to Lerwick.
  3. At the first roundabout turn left and pass the Clickamin Leisure center.
  4. When you reach the mini roundabout turn left again.
  5. Follow the road around to the next roundabout at the Co-Op and take the first exit (straight on)
  6. Follow Instructions from point 2 below.
From The Ferry Terminal 35min minimum
  1. Turn Right when leaving the ferry terminal.
  2. At the next mini roundabout take the second exit and head North on the main road.
  3. Keep on the main road through Voe and then Brae after about 16 miles you will be approaching Northmavine.
  4. Just North of Brae you will pass Mavis Grind where the North Sea and the Atlantic are separated by just a stones throw.
  5. A few miles futher on the road will narrow and you will go over a cattle grid, you are now on a single track road with passing places.
  6. Next the road will widen out at the top of a big hill, this is the Clave.
  7. At the bottom of the Clave there is another cattle grid and then the road curves to the left.
  8. Go straight past the turnings to the right to Urafirth and Heylor.
  9. Nye Swarthoull is the first white building on the right.

A Map can be found here

Ample offstreet parking isavailable right outside the property. 

Donít forget, you can contact us anytime. 

Phone: +44 (0) 1806 503 397
Mobile: +44 (0) 7092 053 397

Email Address: info@swarthoull.com