Shetland is an ideal spot for the more adventurous diver. Although Shetland straddles the 60 Degree North line the Gulf stream keeps the climate significantly warmer than other places at this latitude such as Anchorage Alaska, Hudson Bay Canada, or St. Petersburg in Russia. Having said that, to dive in Shetland you are going to need to be confident diving in a drysuit.

Air fills can be had locally either by contacting C&R Diving or through the local SAA club Sullom Voe Sub Aqua Club


Although it is possible to come to Shetland and organise your own diving itinerary we suggest you contact one of the local divers for guidance, either contact the Sullom Voe Sub Aqua Club or contact us and we will give you further information.

Whether you enjoy wreck diving or simply looking at the marine life the waters of Shetland have it all to offer.